The following print resources will be very useful as you plan your trip.

  • South Nahanni River Touring Guide - a 24 page booklet of river maps and summary notes produced by Canadian Heritage – Parks Canada $15.00
  • Nahanni River topo maps (provide list) - $20.00

Postage will be added to your order. 


Topographical Maps

  • I:50,000 scale for the Rock Gardens: 105-I/13Mount Wilson, 105I/14 Jones Lake, 5I/11 (Not named)
  • 1:125,000 scale maps required for trips starting at Virginia Falls: Virgina Falls 95F Sibbeston Lake 95G
  • Additional map required for trips starting at Rabbitkettle Lake: Flat River 95 E
  • Additional maps required for trips starting at Island Lakes and Moose Ponds: Glacier Lake 95L, Little Nahanni River 105I 3