New for 2019: We are excited to offer our Thelon River canoe adventures through our sister company, Nahanni River Adventures.

Join Nahanni Wild in exploring the Thelon River.

As we travel this vast and remote landscape we will paddle the clear waters of the central arctic, follow ancient caribou paths across tundra and over eskers and spot wildlife in this Northern oasis.  The Thelon Wildlife preserve is the largest protected area in Canada and this undisturbed wild is home for grizzlies, muskox, wolves and caribou along with dozens of species of birds.

Over 12 memorable days on the Thelon we will have time for hiking across the tundra and Canadian shield and for fishing the pristine waters for lake trout and arctic grayling.

This trip features Nahanni Wild’s commitment to providing the highest quality of wilderness experience. Our commitment to quality, adventure and respect can be found in our outfitting, professional guides and love of wild places.

In addition to our expedition tarps and four-season tents we will be travelling with a large screened shelter ensuring a comfortable camp experience. Each evening we will set up camp on sheltered beaches with opportunities for exploration and learning. Our wide selection of interpretive materials allow species identification and a window into the lives of those who have travelled these routes for millennia.

Special attention will be paid to historical sites, inukshuks, tent rings, and other archeological evidence of Inuit culture.

Group Rendezvous: Yellowknife, NT.

Length: 12 days (11 nights) on the river.

Price: $10 150 plus 5% GST


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