Laura Gilks, Fredericton, Canada:

Overall, we had an amazing experience with Nahanni Wilderness Adventures. Your guides were all very professional, welcoming, worldly and entertaining. The experience was definitely a “once-in-a-lifetime experience” that will never be forgotten.


Seffi Ben Joseph, Israel: 

Dear Dave, 

Being back home for 3 days already, busy preparing my gear for my next trips in China and Japan (I am leaving on September 8 and will return home after 2 months on November 8) ? I would like, once again to express my thanks and gratitude to you, Justin, Jake, Mary and Brad.

I know I am repeating myself but I can't emphasize enough how overwhelming was the experience on the Nahanni thanks to you Justin, Jake, Mary and Brad.
With all my experience in travelling all over the world I have never came across people like yourself and your team. Not just the organization was superb, the attitude, joy and readiness to help, physically and mentally, the group of old people was and will remain as a very strong impression from a very special Nahanni tour.I hope you will come and visit us in Israel. I would love to take you around and show you our country which is smaller than the Nahanni reserve....


Jeanette Sylvestre:

Hello Dave,

I know you won't get this e-mail for a while since you are off on a trip of your own, but I wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had on the South Nahanni River. Justine and Bryon were excellent guides. They worked very hard, were always pleasant and a lot of fun. Bryon's rowing skills completely put me at ease about going through the rapids from the first day and by Lafferty's Riffle I was enjoying the experience immensely. Justine was a ball of energy and enthusiasm.


Mark and Laurie, Ottawa Canada:

Hi Dave and Wendy

Mark and I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip. (The Brennan group) It was a spectacular vacation and we have brought home many wonderful memories. We felt it was very well organised. Rick and Jason were phenomenal. We felt well taken care of. Thanks.


Steve Horner Calgary, Canada: 

Hard to pick a favourite part since every minute was an experience and we were truly blessed to be able to come to this part of Canada and partake in what we did.



Laura Gilks, Fredericton, Canada:

Meals were amazing! I still can’t believe how well organized and executed the meals were. I gained weight on the trip…


Brenda Brennan, Ottawa, Canada:

UNBELIEVABLE! How do they bake around the fire? No shortage of food- great variety.


Terry Olaskey  Wasaga Beach, ON:

Trip meals. Beyond my wildest dreams... so many neat menu ideas and all very nutricious and nourishing.... Great recipe choices. Always left the table full
and really didn't need the snacks I brought with me.



Andreas Ettemeyer, Austria:

Dear David

Our Nahanni adventure is finished and we returned healthy to our homes. The equipment was fine and we did not have major damages. I had hoped, to know you at Lindberg's landing, but you were out of house at that time. Therefore, I wish to thank you for perfect organization and equipment. I hope, everything was okay when you received the equipment at Simpson air.

The trip on the Liard to Fort Simpson was nice, too. Beaver dam is not a problem. At the water level we had, the rapids did not exceed WW II level.

Once again, thank you for your and Wendy's support. We enjoyed our trip and the Canadian wilderness very much and time seemed to be too short.

Best regards


Robert Moorman, Germany:

Hi David: Thank you for your support and the equipment. Everything was as it supposed to be.
We specially were very impressed about the spray-decks! These do very good in rough
water conditions (unfortunately the water level was pretty low).

We had a great trip and time at the Nahanni!