The Best Sleep of Your Life! 

Getting a good night’s sleep in the wilderness is important. With increased exertion and all that time outside it is important to be sure you are comfortable.

To help ensure that you wake refreshed each morning, Nahanni Wild makes top of the line sleeping systems available to all our guests. 

All of our guests are provided with the Mountain Hardware Trango 3 tent so you can sleep easily no matter the weather. Its “domed” construction provides a strong water proof structure and the two doors and vestibule  allow for easy access and space to store your personal equipment.

A good night's rest sets the stage to make the most of each day's adventures!

A good night's rest sets the stage to make the most of each day's adventures!

While many guests choose to bring their own sleeping kit, those who wish to travel light and simply pick up their mattress and sleeping bag at the start of their trip please let Guest Services know. 

With our luxury mattresses from Therma-rest you will be completely comfortable each evening. These amazing, comfortable and durable mattresses offer a high level of insulation from cold ground and Therma-rest’s proprietary self inflation system makes quick work of setting your sleeping system up.

Finally, our selection of sleeping bags are comfortable, warm and are chosen for the conditions of each expedition. Depending on the expedition's requirements Guest Services will ensure you are outfitted with the appropriate level of insulation. The synthetic insulation is always warm and each bag is freshly laundered and provided with a soft cotton sheet liner for those warm summer evenings.