Safety 2

What bear deterrents are provided with each trip?

Your guides are experience in bear safety and group management and are each issued a canister of bear spray and numerous noice makers. 

Can I bring my own bear spray?

Yes however, please inform your guide as our pilots require bear spray to be stored outside the fuselage of the aircraft on your upriver flight.

In addition, you will be restricted with your commercial aircraft flight. It may be possible to purchase personal bear spray prior to your trip. Please ask us for more information.

What communication systems are carried on the trip?

Each trip is equipped with an Iridium satellite phone for emergency and logistical calls between our office and the businesses we work with. Our satellite phones have limited battery life, and are thus reserved for emergencies and outgoing calls. Each day your guides check our messaging system to ensure incoming communication is monitored and any emergencies can be addressed.