Self-Guided Outfitting Service


Additional shipping and handling charges apply*

Trip Planning Resources

South Nahanni River Touring Guide $15
Nahanni River Topo Maps

"I:50,000 scale for the Rock Gardens:
  • 105-I/13 Mount Wilson 105I/14
  • 105I/14 Jones Lake
  • 5I/11 (Not named)

  • 1:250,000 scale maps required for trips starting at Virginia Falls:
  • Virginia Falls 95F
  • Sibbeston Lake 95G

  • Additional 1:250,000 scale map required for trips starting at Rabbitkettle Lake:
  • Flat River 95 E

  • Additional 1:250,000 scale maps required for trips starting at Island Lakes and Moose Ponds:
  • Glacier Lake 95L
  • Little Nahanni River 105I
  • $20 each


    Please contact Simpson Air or South Nahanni Air located in Fort Simpson for rates on float plane flights.

    River taxi and van shuttle

    Bottom of Splits to Blackstone Territorial Park $1,200
    Nahanni Butte to Blackstone Territorial Park $770

    Road shuttle

    Per person one way*
    Fort Nelson to Blackstone Territorial Park (Minimum fee- $1650.00) $275
    "Fort Simpson to Blackstone Territorial Park (Minimum fee- $1050.00) $175

    Equipment Rental

    Smaller items only available when boats are rented*
    Canoes and Canoe Equipment Per day
    16 or 17 ft.canoe with spraycover and Bow painter $50
    Bailer $2
    Throwbag ( 20 m/65 ft) $4
    Canoe repair kit $6
    Canoe paddle Mohawk $4
    Grey Owl wooden paddle $8
    Throw bag $4
    Rafts and Rowing
    Rafts $125
    Rowing Frame $16
    Barrel Pump $5
    Carlisle Oars (set of 3) $16
    AIRE Lynx 2 (12 ft.) Inflatable Kayak $50
    Kayak Paddle $6
    Kayak Repair Kit $4
    Portaging dolly $6
    Raft repair kit (required with raft rental) $6
    Paddling helmet $4
    PFD/lifejacket (indicate sizes) S, M, L ,XL or XXL $5
    Wetsuit -shorties (indicate size) $8
    60 litre barrel $4
    Barrel harness $3
    Drypack- 115 litre Cascade designs or similar $4
    Aluminum Gear box (48” x 16” X 16”) $6
    Safety Items
    Bear Spray (purchase price) yours to keep (per trip) $65
    Kitchen Equipment
    2 burner Coleman stove $5
    5 lb. propane tank (per trip) $50
    Kitchen cooking kit in York Box 2-5 person $8
    Kitchen cooking kit in York Box 6-12 person $16
    Roll a table $6
    Cooler-large(becomes the rowing seat) (46” X 18 “ X 18”) $6
    Dutch oven- round (12") $3
    Charcoal - 10 kg in barrel per trip $55
    Environmental Fire Box S,M or L (Required by NNP-R) FREE

    Trip Food

    Dry and fresh packed in barrels or raft box per person/per day
    (minimum group size of 6)

    Click here to download this list in PDF.