• Start: Rabbitkettle Lake

  • Finish: Blackstone Territorial Park

  • Length: 14 days (13 river days)

  • Distance: 375 km (233 mi)

  • Elevation Loss: 443 m (1453 ft)

  • River Class: 2/3

  • Craft: Canoe

  • Skill Level: Intermediate

Our canoe trips from Rabbitkettle Lake provide a thorough exploration of Nahanni National Park, on the traditional territory of the Naha Dene. This trips is designed for active people who enjoy the adventure of canoe tripping. Participants should be prepared for two weeks of wilderness camping which will require you to be in good health, reasonably physically fit and a confident swimmer. You should be able to portage personal and group gear for 2 km around Virginia Falls. Participants should be comfortable paddling tandem. Moving water experience is an asset. Once on the trip, our guides are excellent instructors and are able to assist you in developing your skills.

We have added special features to each of our trips to enhance your experience. 

On our Rabbit Kettle Lake 14 Day Canoe Trips there are a few special details. 

  • Charter flight drop off on the river at Rabbit Kettle Lake Gravel Bar - saving multiple portage trips from Rabbit Kettle Lake

  • Complimentary performance wetsuits - safety first!

  • Screened dining tent- keeps mosquitoes at bay on early season trips

  • Grey Owl wooden and Werner Bandit curved blade paddles- In our continuous quest for quality we provide the best paddles on the Nahanni

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