Each of Nahanni Wild's guides is a trained wilderness professional and we support and celebrate their adventures, passions and achievements.  

All are accredited in Wilderness First Aid and Swift Water Rescue as well as being  Moving Water Canoe Instructors, Rafting Guides and Wilderness Interpreters.  These industry leading organizations provide exceptional third party accreditation and ensure our guides are amongst the best in the world. 

Each spring we bring our team together for our Guide Training School, an intensive week where we delve into the details that make our adventures  exceptional. Joined by industry leaders in first aid, rescue and paddling skills we work through challenging real world scenarios, develop our skills and create a bond between our guides that is required to successfully be a wilderness leader. Coming from all walks of life and chosen for their skills and passion for wilderness experiences we know the friendships that you develop on the river might just be the best souvenir.



David got into the outfitting business when he bought his first canoe at age 12 with the money he made by finding and selling golf balls. He began canoe tripping since his older sister put him in the bow of her canoe for a 28 day canoe trip when he was 15 and hasn't looked back. 

David gradfrom Queen's University with degrees in from Phys-Ed and Geography.  After over 80 descents of the Nahanni, he loves to share it with others, and knows that river expeditions are about the people you share them with! 

His favourite experience on the Nahanni is drifting First Canyon.

David Hibbard Nahanni Wild River Guide


Dan grew up in Edmonton but currently resides in Vancouver. He loves cooking, foraging and climbing. In the winter he works as an avalanche forecaster and is a wealth of knowledge on mountain science. His favourite spot on the Nahanni is Island Lake, a common starting point for trips into the Cirque of the Unclimbables. 



Dana Hibbard grew up exploring the outdoors with her family.  After summers spent on the Nahanni as a youth her adventurous upbringing  took her down many paths including tree planting and wildfire fighting.  Eventually her love for rivers triumphed and she has returned to guiding in the summers.  Call or e-mail Nahanni Wild  and you will connect with Dana and her passion for rivers and supporting people experience wild places.  She loves knowing that twenty five years later she is sharing her family's connection to the Nahanni in the same way she grew up hearing her father David do.  Her favorite spots on the Nahanni include Hell Roaring creek and standing at the edge of Virginia Falls- it still takes her breath away just like when she was four years old. 

Dana lives with her partner on Gitxsan territory near Hazelton BC.  When she is not guiding you will find her there exploring the mountains and rivers near her home and occasionally weeding her garden.  



Jeremy grew up in Tasmania, Australia before immigrating to New Zealand. Now calling Canada home he has a passion for exploring the backcountry with skis, boats and bikes. Jeremy has worked in several different fields including resource development and project management but always finds himself looking forwards to connecting with people in the outdoors. When not guiding on the Nahanni you might find him working at a backcountry ski lodge in the Columbia Mountains. Jeremy loves to play a tune or two around the campfire, so make sure to bring your harmonica or waterproof guitar! 


Justine Wilmot:

Born in Brampton Ontario, raised to embrace nature, respect wild and natural places and explore her surroundings. After hearing her mother’s childhood stories of going on long canoe trips Justine grew a yearning to one day become a canoe guide.

Justine earned her Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure Studies majoring in Outdoor Recreation from Brock University and went on to receive her BEd at Queens University specializing in Outdoor and Experiential Education.

Justine has worked in a variety of outdoor settings following her passions to the Canadian Rockies and now residing in the town of Fort Smith NWT. The mighty Slave River and the vibrant community of paddlers is what attracted Justine to this location. In her spare time she enjoys cross country skiing, hiking, paddling (of course!), crafting, painting and reading.  Some of her favourite locations include: Virginia Falls for it’s magnificent demonstration of power and energy, looking up False Canyon from a canoe reliving the splendor of riding such exceptional whitewater, and exploring the canyon and refreshing pools up Lafferty’s creek.


Liam Ortiz

Liam Ortiz Nahanni Wild River Guide

Originally from Sault Ste Marie, ON and is a graduate of the Adventure Guide program at Thompson River's University.

He currently lives in a 1985 camper van embracing the freedom to pursue his passions of climbing, paddling and skiing. He also enjoys artistic outlets like the guitar and photography.

One of his favourite adventures was skiing the bottomless powder in the Monashee Mountains. His favourite book is Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden. He likes to cook Sricacha udon stir fry with smoked tofu.

In the winter he instructs and guides alpine skiing. His first camping memory was crawling out of the tent to join people around the fire at age 2.

This is his second season guiding with Nahanni Wild.


Tim Ross

Tim Ross Nahanni Wild River Guide

Tim grew up in Whitby, Ontario and currently lives in Canmore, Alberta.
He studied biology and history at the University of Toronto, then discovered his passion for outdoor adventure and guiding people on meaningful journeys in the natural world.  He then completed the semester program with Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training on Vancouver Island.

Favourite pass-times are to making music (play guitar, sing, and learn piano), kayaking, and skiing and baking Peasant Bread. And his favourite trips are usually whatever trip or adventure he is on in the moment . On the Nahanni he loves going to the Moose Ponds and standing below Virginia Falls, looking upstream..

Best book is The Little Prince by Antoine Saint-Exupery. It's the kind of "kids book" that keeps offering lessons to you as you get older.

In the winter, Tim can be found teaching people how to Nordic ski.
His first camping memory is from a solo canoe trip in Killarney Provincial Park in Ontario.  That led to an amazing career in the outdoors, and to many, many more nights camping out!

This is my Tim’s second season guiding for Nahanni Wild.

Justine Wilmot Nahanni Wild River Guide


After a youth spent in the woods, hills and rivers of Western Alberta, Joel has made his home outside of Victoria, BC. An advocate for wild spaces and holding a BCOMM from the University of Calgary he is always looking for ways to increase the positive impact of the organizations he works with. When not exploring remote corners of BC you can find Joel surfing, running, reading or gardening with his wife. His favourite paddling trip is the upper stretches of the Nahanni River which saves him from having to choose which part of the park he enjoys most! With a lifetime of experience in the Nahanni Joel continues to look forward to sharing the beauty, history and adventure of the North with you.



James grew up in the High Park area of West Toronto, and began his paddling career at eight years of age after his father returned from a trip on the Nahanni River. Inspired by his experience, James' father sent him to canoe tripping camp in Temagami, ON where he went on to lead multiday canoe trips including some in the Yukon, and NWT. James attended Dalhousie University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Management. He now lives in Banff where he runs his own outdoor education business in winter. James is an avid paddler, hiker and skier, and looks forward to sharing his expertise with Nahanni river guests.


Christopher Carli

A sunny day is to celebrated! 

A sunny day is to celebrated! 

A childhood spent on the North shore of Lake Superior Thunder Bay, Ontario set Chris on a path for a life connected to nature. He can draw a direct link between his time spent exploring with family to his love of wild spaces. 

Outside of working as a guide he is a biologist with Parks Canada. His work continues to deepen his understanding of our natural word. Knowing how connected the world is has driven a passion for hunting and fishing and in turn for food. He is rumoured to make the finest venison taco around! 

When not on the land he has a growing appreciation for woodworking and playing guitar.

Having paddled the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon he is excited to turn his attention North! 



Michael grew up a stones throw from the Mississipi River in Eastern Iowa. A life long river rat, he has been canoeing tripping since childhood.  Breaking the outdoor mold to pursue mechanical engineering he stayed true to his roots and always found time for paddling, biking, backpacking, canyoneering and photography. Over the past few years, he and his wife have been aligning our lifestyle with their passions. The birth of their daughter, Soliel has redoubled his commitment to the natural world. 


Stephi Walker

Stephi Walker Nahanni Wild River Guide

After growing up in a small seaside town in Scotland,  Stephi earned an Honours degree in Environmental GeoScience. Finding happiness in outdoors pursuits she loves whitewater kayaking and expedition travel. Her favourite trips are with whitewater, great camping and great food.

Her favourite book currently is the Dangerous River by RM Patterson

In the winter she is a sea kayak guide in the Antarctic, make sure you ask for some stories! 

Her first camping memory was camping out in desert sands of Arabia with her family and dog when they lived in the UAE.



Luke grew up in the Alberta foothills and currently calls Halifax home. Working in several of the city's renowned restaurants combines nicely with his guiding on the Nahanni River.  While he has a passion for food, he also enjoys surfing, fishing and reading in his spare time. Some of his favourite trips include a ski ascent of Mount St. Nikolas, the Mountain River and Niger river. His favourite book is Ham on Rye. One of his earliest camping memories is crawling into his Mom's sleeping bag with a Nalgene hot water bottle. His favourite spot on the Nahanni is the Rock Gardens.


Micaela Klutz

Micaela Klutz Nahanni Wild River Guide

A prairie girl, Micaela grew up in Camrose, AB.  Currently calling Canmore home she is a graduate of the Adventure Guide diploma at Thompson Rivers University and will be continuing her studies this fall in Adventure Therapy. 

She enjoys kayaking, climbing and travelling and her favourite trips include good company, good food and lots of laughs. Of course the chance to hang out with a friendly dog is always welcome! 

At home in the kitchen her favourite thing to make is classic chocolate chip cookies.Her first camping memory is playing cards as a family in a camp shelter while it poured rain the entire trip, that classic outdoor experience!