On The Trip

What is the fishing like?

Bull trout and Arctic grayling are the most commonly caught fish on the Nahanni. Some of the side lakes contain lake trout.  The confluence with clear inflowing streams provide numerous opportunities to cast your line. Catch and release is recommended but optional. Please refer to the Nahanni Park website for the regulations. https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/pn-np/nt/nahanni/activ/activ6

Light tackle in a protective hard case is recommended. Fish can be caught on flies, smaller spoons and higher action lures such as the Panther Martin. Fishing licenses can be purchased in Fort Simpson or in the park at Rabbitkettle Lake and Virginia Falls. The adult fee is $43.

What are the bugs like?

Bugs on the Nahanni are typically mosquitoes. We see more of them between late June and the beginning of August. They are more prevalent during the last few days of your trip near the village of Nahanni Butte. Virginia Falls and the upper canyons see the least. A full bug jacket with hood and bug repellant is recommended.

All trips unless late in the season bring along a screened dining tent which is large enough for an entire group to escape the bugs while in camp. Our bug tent can be viewed on the following webpage:


How cold will it get at night?

From the end of June through the end of August the Nahanni remains fairly warm in the evenings. However, periodically we could experience frost due to the mountainous regions we travel through. Frost is not uncommon on shoulder season trips.

What does a typical day look like?

Our days begins with morning coffee and a relaxed breakfast, followed by packing and a mid-morning departure from camp. We will spend a few hours on the river before coming ashore for lunch and then go back on the water for 3-4 hours. Evenings include a leisurely dinner and the possibility of an exploratory hike when available.

What type of boats do you supply?

Our fleet of open Canadian canoes include the 'Prospector' from Esquif and the 'Tripper' supplied by Old Town. For our white water expeditions we utilize the Esquif Canyon to provide a dryer and more forgiving experience. All of our canoes are built with ABS Royalex with wooden bench seats and foam knee pads installed.

Please see the following webpages for further details:

What personal equipment is included?

The following list of equipment is issued for no extra cost to each participant at the orientation session.

For canoe trips we supply your: Personal Flotation Device, Personal 115 litre Dry Pack, Tent, Wet suit, Paddles , Helmets are supplied for the class 3 whitewater trips. 

For raft trips we supply your: Personal Flotation Device, Personal 115 litre Dry Pack, Tent , Wet suit,  Inflatable kayaks,  Paddles