Tackling Bear Safety

Interactions with bears are a proper concern when some is considering a journey into our backcountry. Knowing what situations might arise, how to deal with them and prevent a negative outcome is worth putting some thought into. Nahanni Wild has been working and traveling through wilderness for decades and we are happy to share some of the theory and techniques that we employ on our expeditions

Islands of the North

Islands of the North

Suddenly awoken by the sunlight streaming through the small window of the plane I find myself struggling to put the pieces together. 

Last night’s mad dash to pack up a week's worth of foul weather gear and accompanying surf equipment didn’t begin until the latest round of advertisements had been submitted to various magazines. Its pre-Christmas chaos in every office and I was behind schedule. Thankfully getting outside is a team sport at our house and with the (patient) help of my wife everything was packed properly and a ride given to the airport. 

Our Love for the Wilderness

In the 28 years since David began guiding on the Nahanni River much has changed. Boat construction (Grumman Canoes anyone?), safety equipment and techniques and even the menu available to expedition participants have changed. However, our love for the wilderness has only grown and our passion for sharing it with you has only deepened...