Nahanni River Safety

Nahanni Wild has an excellent safety record and knows that the only way to continue this record is through analysis and constant critique.

Our guide teams are all accredited professionals certified by the best certifying bodies in North America. Wilderness First Aid, Swift Water Rescue and instructional accreditations are standard training and each one plays a critical role in minimizing risk to the expedition.

If you would like more information about these accreditations please see the following websites:

  • raven rescue wilderness first aid
  • swift water rescue moving water level 1
  • Paddle Canada Moving Water Canoe Instructor
  • BCROA Oar Rafting Certification.

We will not try to minimize the fact that there is risk involved in a wilderness experience but it our believe that these risks can be managed with diligent preparation and our commitment to the highest calibre of training for our guide team.