Attention to detail is the sign of a professional.
— Tim Bird

These were the parting words of Tim Bird, assistant leader of the Marlborough College Nahanni River Expedition, and Antarctic and Himalayan Mountain Guide, as he boarded his floatplane for the Nahanni. Tim was not the first to compliment us on what we call our "personal touch philosophy". Since we began managing NWA in 1990, our signature position has been that each person who signs onto our trips deserves personal consideration to ensure for them the best possible experience. In addition, Nahanni Wilderness Adventures has been instrumental in leading the way with value-added features for our trips that continually improve the quality for our clients. We invite you to consider the following points as you select your outfitter.


  • Our guide training is second to none - a five-day, on water comprehensive training program for seasoned and new Nahanni River guides is held each spring on the Kootenay and White Rivers in S.E. British Columbia.
  • We include complimentary wetsuits for all our first class Nahanni and Northern River Canoe trips.
  • We set the standard for the use of our famous "Cata-canoe or canyon rig" when required by high water or inexperience on the Nahanni. This practice has drastically reduced incidents on the lower river and is now followed by others.
  • Emergency communications - each of our Northern trips is provided with an Iridium Satellite phone for communicating with the outside world in the case of an on trip emergency.
  • We offer moving water workshops for clients from Western Canada and provide discount incentives for clients from other areas who participate in similar courses.



We provide the most complete list of all - inclusive standard personal and group camping equipment.

  • Mountain Hardware Trango 3.1 Tents: Staked out, these four - season, threeperson tents will stand up to the most extreme weather we've ever seen on a summer trip in the North! We encourage just two people to share one, as this provides lots of space inside, not to mention the spaciousness of the vestibule.
  • Convenient camp Roll-O-Tables and stools. Join us as we add some class, comfort and cleanliness to your in camp experience.
  • All of our Nahanni guests are treated to an end of trip, celebratory dinner and breakfast.
  • We initiated the use of river taxis to alleviate the monotony of slow water for our raft and canoe groups.
  • We have the lowest guide:client ratio. Leave the crowds behind!
  • Your entertaining guides will prepare your trip meals before your eyes upon the group fire each day. Our guests are continuously amazed at the outstanding variety and quality of meals prepared on our trips. The remoteness of our rivers does not deter our guides from providing nutritious and scrumptious edibles. Our menus are second to none in creativity and variety. Our specialties are salads and baked breakfasts and desserts, the items you might least expect on a remote river trip. There is no charge for vegetarian alternatives.
  • Sierra Design's 3 season, "Wild Bill" sleeping bag and full-length "Therm-a-rest" sleeping pad. SD is a leader in wilderness sleeping systems and their sleeping bags are no exception! We realize not everyone that joins us in the North owns a personal sleeping bag and sleeping pad, so our economical rental program of $75/bag and pad will save you the purchase cost of $300-$400 for these two items. A sheet liner is also supplied.



Effective use of the Internet keeps our marketing and office overhead costs low. We have succeeded in maintaining trips fees that are considerably lower than the average for the Nahanni River amidst ever-rising operation costs. With NWA a greater percentage of your trip fee goes into providing the services you will receive directly on your trip.

  • When you sign onto a NWA trip - there are no hidden charges.
  • You will be surprised at our creative discount policies - and even the souvenir T-shirt  and mug- are still FREE.
  • An NWA trip provides the greatest vacation value for your dollar. Each season we find new features, which make our trips more attractive.
  • No extra costs for the choice of canoes on our 8 and 12 day Virginia Falls trips.
  • Our newest line of craft for the Nahanni River is the 'Aire Lynx 2' inflatable kayak. These craft are available on our raft trips. They will provide you the opportunity to explore on your own away from the mother ship for pictures and to enjoy the excitement and exercise found in paddling your own boat.
  • We understand that what matters most to our guests is the planning and care that has gone into preparing and delivering their very own adventure holiday. Each season my family and I guide 10 or so Nahanni and Northern river trips with the help of 5 to 6 professional river guides. Our strength has been in maintaining a vibrant and manageable service that has become a 'work of art' with explicit attention to the details. We think you will appreciate this. "Good things still come in small packages". We invite you to see for yourself.


Yours for Adventure,

David Hibbard