Wilderness without wildlife is just landscape

With the arrival of autumn more and more of my days are focused in the office. Reviewing reports, processing feedback and planning dominate my calendar. Summer 2018 has come and gone and with the imminent arrival of winter we are taking a minute to look at what was accomplished this year. From a business standpoint things are good. With our best season on record and continued growth I couldn’t be more proud of what we accomplished. This success impacts how we are able to support conservation efforts through the work we do with 1% for the Planet and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society’s (CPAWS) NWT chapter.

Caribou, a species of specific concern to CPAWS, are facing an uncertain future.

On the face of it one 1% doesn’t seem like a lot. Our donation this year is only a small part of the budget for CPAWS NWT. But as one of a group of donors we can see the effect we have. Direct, timely and needed communication with government, NGO’s and the public. In person consultation with stakeholders and on the ground research initiatives. In an environment like the Canadian north it can be expensive to see these efforts through but with a steady source of funding, CPAWS is having an impact.

This fall we were made aware of just how critical this impact really is. Caribou, a species of specific concern to CPAWS, are facing an uncertain future. From the extirpation of southern herds to 50% reduction in population (in only two years!) in some of the tundra herds the time to act is now. If we are to see this species continue to be a part of our ecosystems there can be no delay in focusing our efforts. This reality reaffirms just how important the work of our NGO partners really is.

“Wilderness without wildlife is just landscape.”

- Lois Crisler “Arctic Wild”

Where will 2019 take us? First, our expedition roster continues to celebrate the wilderness required for healthy caribou populations. From the majesty of the mountain caribou herds found on the Nahanni, Broken Skull, Keele and Mountain Rivers to the austere beauty of barren land rivers like the Thelon and Coppermine are opportunities to come to understand the intrinsic value of intact eco-systems. Nahanni Wild has also reaffirmed its commitment to CPAWS NWT. With stable funding and a strong working relationship we know the best chance that wild caribou have will be found in groups of people coming together to advocate for them and the wild places they call home.

What can you do to help? Get involved, join your local chapter of CPAWS and support the national office. Finally, take a minute to celebrate wilderness with your friends and family in the coming holiday season. Share stories of past experiences, hopes for future ones and make plans for 2019 be a year where wild places and the incredible species that call them home are a priority.

Keen on caribou? Give our office a call today and learn more about how you can experience these incredible animals.

Cover photo: Joseph Homsy