Soon, Canada's Wild will Erupt with Life

If you look out my back window you can see two Douglas Fir; not particularly large by West Coast standards but still impressive. In the top fork of one, nestled amongst the dark green needles, sits the life work of two Bald Eagles. Birds that have returned year after year, adding to their home and raising their eaglets. This year looks to be no different as they take turns returning to the nest with building materials clutched tight. Their work has me looking forward to our return to the wilderness rivers of the North.

In the Mackenzie mountains this awakening of life is still a month away but these first inklings in the south tell me it won’t be long until all the wild lands of Canada erupts into life.

To see an ecosystem come alive with the strengthening sun is a profound experience. Contemplating the continuity of life while sitting back and admiring the river banks blushing with willowherb puts the rush of life in perspective.

A playful wolf at Nahanni Butte.

A playful wolf at Nahanni Butte.

On those same banks I also look forward to watching sandpipers as they create the next generation. More often than not you can hear that you are near a nesting site of these polyamorous birds before you can see it. The birds will kick up a racket and run with their trademark dragging wing to lure predators away from the nesting site. Their nests dot the black sandbars of Nahanni, warming in the sun. A female will travel the length of a beach laying eggs in groups of four. Each will be cared for by their respective father until the young hatch. Incredibly they can fly within two weeks of hatching and as the population swells the beaches are alive with avian cheep cheeps!

But perhaps most of all I look forward to sharing wilderness areas full of beautiful inspiration. They are where the memories that last a lifetime find their foundation over dark cups of coffee in the morning chill and conversations that run late under the midnight sun. These are truly the trips of a lifetime and the smile on people’s faces will see me, like the eagles of Vancouver Island, return year after year.

Yours for adventure,