Advocating for Female Wilderness Leadership

2017 saw Nahanni Wild accomplish a great deal as a business, growing our operation and increasing our contributions to conservation initiatives. But in light of the revelations across industries in 2017 it was time to make sure our own house was in order. Ensuring a safe, respectful work environment is essential if we are to realize our vision as a progressive business affecting positive change.

As many of you know Nahanni Wild is an equal opportunity employer and strives for gender parity amongst its guide team. While we have made advances towards this goal we are excited to continue to support and celebrate our female guides by creating a dedicated position to see their guiding careers shine bright.

Dana Hibbard is part of the Nahanni Wilds governance team, an accomplished expedition leader and an experienced advocate for both the environment and marginalized groups. In tackling the development of our Women's Expeditions and organizing our yearly Guide School and Skills Assessment she will be directly addressing any issues and provide support to our guide team.

“Nahanni Wild is only as good as the people who work within it and we want to make sure everyone feels safe, recognized and respected inside our business”

- Joel Hibbard

We know our guides are excited about sharing the wilderness with you this summer and we are committed to providing them all the support that is possible. See you on the water!