Dreams of the Coppermine

A special announcement from a Nahanni Wild senior guide, Luke Hibbard:

The North is completely white now. Even with Virginia Falls frozen over, Sue Lindberg is stuffing logs into her fireplace, and yes the mosquitoes are now actually all dead. I figure that’s worth raising a glass to!

2017 was an incredible year for me. I worked hard training our guide team, and my family and I are proud to have witnessed them provide exceptional service to everyone who shared the wild with us. Over the summer I travelled the length of the Nahanni, and led an expedition from the Moose Ponds and another into the Cirque of the Unclimbables. I marvelled at the beauty of these places and what I do for a living. 

The time spent on wilderness rivers has only served to increased my desire to explore, which is why I am happy to announce that I have been handed the maps to a new river: the Coppermine River. Whether they just didn't feel like Christmas shopping, I don’t know, but my family said if anyone's going to prepare Arctic Char to perfection, that it's me. I can thank my experience in fine dining restaurants for that. 

Although I'm still learning how to tell which end of the muskox is the head, I am more than excited to be guiding in such a celebrated watershed. As much as my mother wishes this message was a wedding invitation, you'll still be able to find me paddling to the Arctic Ocean in the summer of 2018! 

For over 10 years I've been working towards this moment, and to finally put these words down fills me with excitement. There is a seat by the fire and hot, sticky cinnamon buns waiting for you. 

Yours for adventure,