There is Always Another Perspective

There is a difference between doing something and living something. I believe that when you are living you are filling the moment. You are finding a way to take it all in and you develop another sense. With a day’s tasks piling up it can be hard get beyond simply doing. As I work to share who we are as a company and as a family the to-do lists can seem endless. But of the blue it can become something beautiful.

A quiet morning on the Nahanni River.

A quiet morning on the Nahanni River.

In a conversation today with my father we discussed the canoes we have chosen for our expeditions and how to communicate that. I wastrying to share at the technical reasons each design in our fleet left resulting in cold phrases like - “These qualities make it our first choice for our Nahanni headwaters trips and on rivers like the Mountain.”

I choose boats with the aim of achieving harmony between the paddler, the canoe and flowing water.
— David Hibbard

After nearly 50 years of choosing canoes my father simply says, “I choose boats with the aim of achieving harmony between the paddler, the canoe and flowing water.” Which is beautiful. To him boats are more than a vehicle, they are a craft and an instrument, and worth taking time to think about in another light. As I prepare for our upcoming week of guide training these words inspired me. 

Our training program sets the tone for the entire guiding season. The leaders of our training bring their own passions, skills and beliefs, built over a combined century of committed work. we add the perspective of trained paramedics, master canoe instructors, chefs and story tellers to the mix. We provide our guides the chance to practice hard skills with the finest equipment available. We share our experiences and we learn. We search for the beauty in each corner in the river and moment of the day. We come together as team to learn from each other to reaffirm our commitment to wilderness. We celebrate lives well lived. 

Thinking about it has me excited about the season ahead and proud that every decision we make is in the pursuit of a wilderness experience of uncompromising quality. 

May you all find a new perspective this weekend.