Nahanni Wild's Quality Outfitting

Each summer it is our privilege to guide expeditions; sharing remote corners of Canada's North. We know these are big trips, likely the adventure of a lifetime.  The destination, your guides and an impeccable menu are the foundation of a successful expedition. But once you are out on trip it is often the small things that help make a portage comfortable and that boost your confidence before a big rapid. Our commitment to quality means no detail is overlooked and we have sourced the finest equipment made. 

The ability to portage around a rapid or between watersheds is why canoes are the vessel of choice for travelling where roads do not exist. This is also where a small change can make a huge difference. With hundreds of Nahanni portages under his belt Dave Hibbard was looking for a way to portage more comfortably. Searching through catalogues during the winter he came across Teal Yokes and found a solution. Hand made, by a life long paddler, these sculpted ash yokes allow you to carry a canoe comfortably and safely. Soon enough the entire fleet was outfitted and we couldn't be happier with the feedback. They wrap your shoulders and neck eliminating pressure points, and make each step easier. 

North Water Spray Decks for confidence and Werner Bandit Paddles for get-up and go!

North Water Spray Decks for confidence and Werner Bandit Paddles for get-up and go!

When your boat is on the water there are other important details to consider. When you are standing at the edge of a river scouting a rapid, each standing wave or hole can seem daunting. Coaching and practice help and when you can count on your spraydeck to keep your boat from filling with water you will feel a huge confidence boost. Nahanni Wild chooses North Water spray decks. Made in Vancouver, BC, these decks are designed with the rugged rivers of Western Canada in mind. Durable, with a clean finish, they have all the right features and nothing to get in the way. So when you punch through a hole on the Mountain River you can count on your spray deck to do its job.

Each season we paddle thousands of kilometres and know the value of a good paddle. They are the critical interface between you and the water. Straight shafts or bent, curved blades or flat, wood or carbon, there are a myriad of choices. After comparing many we are happy to outfit with only the very best. Guests of Nahanni Wild are able to choose between the powerful Werner Bandit or the warm wood of a Grey Owl Hammerhead. Each have their own advantages and if you can't choose between the two you can bring the other as your backup! While placing your booking guest services can help you decide which paddle is best for you.

Paddles are the critical interface between you and the water

We know you have dreamed of journeying to the North and that when you see images from the Nahanni, the Mountain and Coppermine Rivers you can imagine the midnight sun and caribou on the horizon. As your outfitter we believe that is where your attention should be and it is why we have taken care of the details. The quality of your experience will be enhanced by being outfitted with the best equipment available. 

See you out there,