The Hidden Nahanni: Forever Wild

Growing up with a guide for a father taught me many things. Some basic, like the value of good rain-gear, dry socks and a secret stash of chocolate. Some more advanced items too, such as the evils of camping in sand, knots to use in a rescue situation and that you always double check how your boats are tied up for the night... But the most significant lesson was how to love a wild place.

Joel, a product of his environment....

Joel, a product of his environment....

That guiding, by its definition, is a return to where you have been but properly executed is to share what you love. To really know your environment, its valleys, ridge lines and peaks, you have to submerse yourself in it. That finding comfort in the changing of the seasons and the movement of the sometimes intimidating animals; you have to be flexible. Finding balance in a life lived outdoors you means ceding control to nature and allow the natural world to etch its contours into your mind. 

As we begin the second half of our speaking tour, I couldn't be more excited to share my passion for wild places and discuss how we can work to ensure they will exist to inspire future generations. 

March 22:  7:00 PM - Patagonia Banff - 94 Banff Ave, Banff AB

March 23:  7:00 PM - Patagonia Calgary - 135 8th Ave SW, Calgary AB

April 6:  7:00 PM - Patagonia Vancouver - 1994 W 4th Ave, Vancouver BC

See you soon!