Nahanni Wild's Adventures

Fall for the Hibbards is a chance to pursue some personal adventures and 2017 was no different.

It was David’s 60th Birthday and he realized a lifelong dream of visiting the Himalaya. Accompanied by a good friend and Nahanni Wild guide alumni David Newsome, he set off to climb Nepal’s Imja Tse. Ultimately he was turned around due to the effects of the 6000 meter altitude but by all accounts it was a true adventure! The experience of attempting something new brought him back to our core values as a company and the exhilaration of exploration.

Joel took a different tack and headed to the North Pacific and the cold surf of Haida Gwaii. Together with a good friend he embarked on a self propelled bicycle surf mission around the Graham Island. Riding fat bikes and towing trailers loaded with gear the cold seas, driving winds and over 100 km of pristine beach provided a perfect end to the expedition season.

“To have a chance to get outside of my comfort zone, to explore a new area and push the limit of our expedition equipment under the harshest conditions (They saw several storms with sustained winds of over 100 km/hour) was satisfying.”

With new adventures under our belts and inspired minds the excitement over our 2018 tripping season is already building!

“When the sand gets soft so should your tires.” After two weeks of near constant movement our journey has come to an end. Hard riding, long days, cold waves and exposure have taken their toll. My body may be tired, my gear a little more worn, my systems tested but my soul is inspired. The sunrises, south-easters, the constant presence of eagles and towering spruce were worth the journey. That we experienced the finest beaches in Canada unsupported and alone for 10 days leaves me humbled. Like every expedition the support of many was required for a few to journey. I would to thank my wife Maddie. Thank you for your understanding, patience and support through the months of planning and the additional time away. Thank you for welcoming me home. I am a fortunate man. To the people of Haida Gwaii, hawaa. Thank you for your smiles, your waves and your hospitality. Your home is beautiful, loved and rightfully celebrated. @kevinehman thanks for being willing to roll the dice, again. Your humour, rap lyrics and openness made you an excellent expedition partner. You can hang. To Derek and the crew at @ltp_sports goes a sincere thank you. Your equipment was top notch and survived some of the most demanding conditions I have experienced. @norcobicycles and kit from @endurapparel @topeak and @ixssports allowed this trip to happen safely. I respect the refinement and obvious dedication to quality of your products, they were a pleasure to use. I am excited to reconnect and share more from our trip in the coming days and weeks.

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