The Banff Mountain Film Festival Does Not Disappoint

Every time we attend the Banff Mountain Film Festival it becomes a yearly highlight.

As a child I remember the excitement building on the cold walk up Sleeping Buffalo (Tunnel) Mountain. I would catch a glimpse of climbing and paddling heroes grab a hot chocolate and then duck into the Eric Harvey Auditorium. Skiing, climbing, paddling; they all inspired but the real favourites were the wildlife films.

This year was no exception with more inspiration to explore and adventure than I could take in. Added to it was a chance to participate in the festival as an outfitter and tell people of the Nahanni it will stand as a highlight of the fall.

In some ways it felt like a home coming. I left feeling inspired as a business, that we share areas of real value. As a family that we connect best while in the wilderness. And as a human seeing stories of survival, hope and community.

Congratulations to all the film and book winners and we look forward to seeing many of you there next year.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is still touring, you can see their dates here:

- Joel Hibbard