Naha Dehe News - Winter 2016

The days are getting longer, the sun's rays are getting warmer, and we know paddling season will soon be here. Many people are beginning to plan their summer holidays so we kick off this issue with an invitation to meet with us at the Adventure Travel Shows. As always- drop us a line- we love keeping in touch.

- David and Wendy 


In this issue:

  1. Adventure Travel Shows

  2. Moose Ponds

  3. New Addition: The Bowron Lakes

  4. Eggs Beni Breakfast Recipe

  5. Social Media Refresh


1. Adventure Travel Shows

Call to request your free tickets!

Travel show season is upon us, and the Hibbards are travelling across the country to inspire your thirst for adventure.

Toronto - February 19-21 Nahanni
Wilderness Adventure Guide Luke Hibbard

Vancouver - March 12-13
NWA Guide  Joel Hibbard

Ottawa - March 19-20
NWA Guide Luke Hibbard

Calgary - March 19-20
NWA Guide Joel Hibbard

Contact our office for our booth number and complimentary tickets for the whole family. Our show representatives would be pleased to share the wonders of the rivers they grew up exploring. 1- 888-897-5223

2. Moose Ponds- Join the whitewater specialists 

A paddle through Moose Pond Rapids

A paddle through Moose Pond Rapids

Our June 19 – July 10 trip has a few spots still available:  we’d be pleased to have you join us!

Following an exhilarating up river flight your float plane will skim to a stop on the Moose Ponds at the foot of Mount Wilson. Over the past decade we have distinquished ourselves as the ‘go to’ outfitter for Nahanni headwater expeditions. We feature the Little Nahanni, the Flat and the South Nahanni from the Moose Ponds. The Rock Gardens of the South Nahanni offers some of the best canoeable whitewater in Canada. We have flexible options- consider joining others in your party at Rabbitkettle Lake, and paddle the Nahanni canyons together.

Our outfitting program for this trip has been refined to let you get the most for the experience. We equip you for the Nahanni’s rapids by providing a full day of whitewater training prior to the start of the trip and we organize a food drop so that your canoes will be as light as possible for running the whitewater. Our boats are the highly acclaimed Esquif Canyon and for the skilled solo paddler we can put you into the Pocket Canyon. Both boats are equipped with Northwater ‘Trailhead ' style spray decks and Werner curved blade paddles. Together this trio is simply the best whitewater tripping combination found anywhere.


3. New addition to our paddling line up - the Bowron Lakes

Maddie and Joel paddling through the Bowron Lakes

Maddie and Joel paddling through the Bowron Lakes

Last September we fulfilled a long held dream of paddling the Bowron Lakes circuit, and the trip was even more special because we were able to share it with Joel and his wife, Maddie. Nestled in the ruggedly scenic Caribou Mountains of north central B.C., Bowron Lakes is a bird watchers paradise and a wildlife sanctuary. Moose abound!

Access between these lakes is made by a variety of streams and rivers along with portage trails. We provide specially designed carts for paddlers to move their canoe between the lakes.

This June we will expand our association with our affiliate Sea to Sky Expeditions.
Seven start dates between June and September are available for an all inclusive rate of $1695 plus GST. Contact our office for further details.


4. Eggs Beni Breakfast Recipe

Our Nahanni menu is always appreciated by our guests, and most request a copy of our cookbook for their home use. Eggs Benedict by the water’s edge is an awesome way to start your paddling day.

Eggs Beni ( 2 per person)

Eggs Benny before a paddle

Eggs Benny before a paddle

  • English Muffins 6

  • Eggs 12

  • Peameal Bacon 900 grams

  • Hollandaise Sauce Mix 1 pkg.

  • Butter 125 ml

  • White vinegar 5 ml

Instructions: Make hollandaise sauce in small pot according to package instructions. Poach eggs, 6 at a time in a pot of simmering water with about 5 ml of white vinegar added. Crack the egg first into a bowl, then slide it into the water. It will take about 3 -4 minutes to cook. Remove with a slotted spoon. Slice peameal bacon into 12 slices. Fry lightly on griddle using stove. Slice English muffins in half, and toast on griddle. Assemble- ½ muffin, peameal bacon slice, poached egg, then 30 ml of sauce.  

5. Social Media Refresh

Even dedicated trippers have time to dream. Follow Nahanni Wilderness Adventures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for inspiration, updates and helpful tips as you plan your next adventure.