• Start: Willow Handle Lake

  • Finish: Norman Well

  • Length: 14 days

  • Distance: 285 km (177 mi)

  • Elevation Loss: 1070 m (3510 ft)

  • River Class: 2/3

  • Craft: Canoe

  • Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

One of Canada's most spectacular wilderness rivers, the Mountain River is traveled by fewer than 150 canoeists each year. Wild and remote, the Mackenzie Mountain scenery is breathtaking. If offers glimpses of caribou, Dall sheep, Arctic wolf and moose, against a stunning backdrop of mountains that change in colour from buff, grey, cinnamon, green and maroon. The river itself drops more than 3000 feet, providing a roller coaster ride of almost continuous fun waves. From the first paddle stroke to the finale at the Mackenzie River, the current never stops as we travel through five dramatic canyons.

Participants should arive in Norman Wells the day before the trip begins. Let us know when you are arriving and we can meet you at the airport. We can offer suggestions for accommodation in Norman Wells.

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