Participants should arive in Norman Wells on the first day of the trip. We will meet you at the airport. Your guides will provide you with a pre-trip orientation and a light lunch. You will have the opportunity to repack and store items you do not wish to bring on the trip.

Weather permitting, we will fly into Willow Handle Lake in the afternoon. We will make the one portage of the trip from Willow Handle to Push Me Pull You Creek this afternoon or the next morning. Our first camp will be made either on Willow Handle Lake or on the Creek, depending on the time of our arrival.


The morning will be spent paddling and wading through the shallow creek. In the afternoon we will go on a short hike to view the sights from higher ground! 5 km.


Today we will do some paddling review before heading onto Black Feather Creek, where we will shoot a rocky R II/III and a series of R I/II's which will take us through the first canyons of the trip. Later in the afternoon, we will pass through several R I and II's and by numerous sweepers. We will camp near the junction with the Mountain River. 22 km.


On this, our first day on the Mountain itself, we will take a day off from paddling to hike the spectacular upper Mountain River Valley.


Today will be a relaxing, easy paddling day with swifts, a few small rapids and great scenery. We will have time for an afternoon hike or fishing. 27 km.


Another relaxing and easy paddling day with swifts and small rapids. We will pass the 'moon scape' in the afternoon and will engage in a short hike to investigate this interesting location. Camp will be made near the Tufa Mounds, beautiful rock formations with bubbling sulphurous geysers. 30 km.


After a visit to the Tufa Mounds, we will head onto the river. A few hours of swift current and wavy R I's will bring us to our campsite at Cache Creek (entrance to first canyon of Mountain proper). 23 km.


Today will be spent hiking the spectacular mountain ranges surrounding the River. The rise behind the campsite is home to a spring and bizarre suspended 'water bridge'!


This morning we will paddle the beautiful, but not difficult, First canyon. The afternoon will take us through some large waves at the base of some cliffs, before we arive at Egotachile Creek rapids and the second canyon of the Mountain. Lots of R II's today. 34 km.

DAY 10

Today we will paddle "U" turn half canyon (R III), before heading on to Third canyon (R II/III). The section from the half canyon to the Third canyon consists of almost continuous wavy RII and III's. This is a very exciting section of river, with some of the most enjoyable and continuous rapids to be found anywhere. 36 km.

DAY 11

Those interested can do a short morning hike at Third canyon, before we get on the river to paddle swift current, RI's and Fourth canyon (R II/III). 38 km.

DAY 12

Swift current and RI's all day, before paddling the Fifth, and last, canyon (R II). Just after this canyon we will hit a natural hot (warm) springs! Good-bye mountains. 50 km.

DAY 13

The current gradually slows today as we near the muddy Mackenzie River. 35 km.

DAY 14

We will be picked up today and shuttled by motor boat up the Mackenzie River the 125 km to Norman Wells. You may wish to book accommodation in Norman Wells ahead of time. We will meet for a final dinner at the Mackenzie Valley Hotel.