• Start: Moose Ponds

  • Finish: Blackstone Territorial Park

  • Length: 22 days (19 river days)

  • Distance: 600 km (373 mi)

  • Elevation Loss: 928 m (3045 ft)

  • River Class: 2/3

  • Craft: Canoe

  • Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

The classic South Nahanni River whitewater canoe expedition from the Moose Ponds is our most popular Nahanni Headwater expedition. This trip takes place on the traditional territory of the Sahtu and Naha Dene and explores the entirety of the Nahanni River beginning in the newly formed Naats'ihch'oh National Park Reserve at the foot of the stunning Mt. Naats'ich'oh. Participants will be thrilled with the whitewater of the Rock Gardens and the stunning mountain scenery of the Sapper and Ragged Ranges. Additional highlights include Rabbitkettle Lake and tufa mounds, pristine mountain scenery, awesome Virginia Falls, four grand canyons, hot springs, wildlife, hiking and more fun than you can imagine under the care of our experienced and qualified river guides.

The Moose Ponds whitewater canoe trip appeals to active people who are looking for a cooperative, though guided, canoe tripping adventure where the group shares in camp chores with an interest in further developing skills in camp and on the river. Participants should be prepared for three weeks of wilderness camping, be reasonably physically fit and confident swimmers. They should be able to portage personal and group gear around Virginia Falls. Participants should be experienced whitewater canoeists for either tandem or solo canoes. Wilderness camping experience is also required.

We have added special features to each of our trips to enhance your experience.

On our Nahanni Headwater Mooseponds 22 Day whitewater Canoe Trip we provide:

  • Whitewater prep day on Trout River

  • Bare wetsuits provided at no extra charge - safety first

  • Screened dining tent- keep mosquitoes at bay on early season trips

  • Grey Owl wooden and Werner Bandit curved blade paddles- we provide the best paddle on the Nahanni.

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