Day 1

Helicopter access to Mount Sydney Dobson Base Camp. Possible staging areas include Fort Simpson, NT or Fort Nelson B.C. Establish base camp, kitchen and tenting areas. Your guides will lead an introductory hike to look for wildlife and familiarize you with the beauty of the area.


Day 2

We’ll set off with a packed lunch to explore the environs of the lake, meadow and morraines. We’ll bring our spotting scope/binoculars and keep a watchful eye for birds of prey and the resident mamals.A reclusive wolverine would be a delightful surprise.


Day 3

Today we head to the toe of the south Britnell Glacier. Our mountain guide will introduce everyone to their glacier travel equipment. Following a safety breifing and some skill development we’ll head out onto this facinating glacier for an icewalk. You will be introduced to the glacier’s features such as streams, millwells, crevases, couloirs and snow bridges while developing our gracier travel and climbing skills.


Days 4-7

The plan for the next four days of our trip will depend upon the interest and energy of the group. At hand we can further explore the glacier with our sites set on a small peak or nanatak. Nanataks are rocky outcroppings isolated within the surface of an ice sheet. They can be an oasis to animals and birds migrating or hunting over the glacier. Various specialized plant species can also be found. The valley below offers numerous tarns (small alpine lake or ponds) as points of interest. There are also less technical routes to  small peaks at the valley edge offering the rewards of breathtaking views and photographs.


Day 8

An early satellite phone call to our helicopter pilot will confirm their arrival time. In preparation we will strike camp and pack up for the flight out over our stunning mountain landscape. The emotional high will stimulate dreams of future alpine adventures.