Day 1

Helicopter access to Mount Sydney Dobson Camp. Possible staging areas include Fort Simpson, NT or Fort Nelson B.C.  Your guides will lead an introductory hike to look for wildlife and familiarise you with the beauty of the alpine area.


Day 2

Today we will move camp up onto the foot of the South Britnell Galcier. Our mountain guide will introduce everyone to their glacier equipment. Following a safety briefing and some skill development we’ll head out onto this facinating glacier for an icewalk. You will be introduced to the glacier’s features such as streams, millwells, crevases, coulliors and snow bridges while developing our glacier travel and climbing skills. We will be sure to pause at times to enjoy the view of our breathtaking mountain environs and to click a few pictures.


Day 3

We’ll break camp this morning with plans to make some diatance north over the Britnell Icefield. A number of ridges and couloirs will require careful route finding.

Camp will be on the dry ground of the Britnell Nanatak which over looks the northern expance of the ice sheet. Mount Epler and Mulhulland are in the distance..


Day 4

Today we will leave our tents set up on the Brtinell Nanatak with various options before us.. A stroll to the summit of our island in the ice could be one or crossing the ice to the west we peak down to Rabbitkettle Valley thoughsands of feet below. Some R&R around camp will also be a consideration.


Day 5

Today we will pass over the height of the Britnell Icefield from south to west. Our route will pass Three Lakes camp the base of Nahanni Wild’s 2016 exploration. A swing west will take us around Lake Peak on down towards the west toe and a camp on dry ground.


Day 6

Today we start with a walk though glacial erratics and alpine tarns. We’ll see Zenchuk Lake to the north as we drop down though the brush and pick up a higher route on the south side of Zenchuk Creek. We are now into moose country. From our commanding view of the valley we could spot moose, caribou, wolves and perhaps a bear.


Day 7

With the Little Nahanni Valley in view we keep high for easier walking. Cresting over Albi Pass we’ll look for mountain goats before descending down to Flat Lake and our awaiting vehicle. Tonight we will enjoy a restaurant meal in Watson Lake and clean sheets at a local motel.


Day 8

Today we make our way east along the Alaska Highway with a stop at the famous Liard Hot Springs. We’ll reach for Fort Nelson by the late afternoon and look forward to celebrating our experience with a night on the town.


Day 9

After breakfast we will say ‘so long’ at the airport before boarding the Central Mountain Air flight home.