Our Company

David has been outfitting and guiding for on the Nahanni River since 1989 and in 1992 purchased what would become Nahanni Wild. 

As a company our history of river outfitting on the South Nahanni River dates back to 1962 when founder and pioneering outfitter Don Turner began outfitting and guiding river trips by scow up into the Nahanni's canyons from his family's homestead at Nahanni Butte. Don is the son of Nahanni legend and author Dick Turner who came to the Nahanni Region in the 1930's. Dick is best known for his two volumes, "Nahanni" and "Wings of the North" which feature the adventures of Dick and many others. In 1964 Don's company became incorporated as Nahanni Butte Outfitters. 

Building off of these legendary Northerners, David has become the Nahanni's most active outfitter. 

Joel, Dana, and Luke Hibbard have been around the Nahanni and outfitting for their entire lives and intimately know what it take to create a successful expedition. With decades of guiding experience between them they manage Nahanni Wild's marketing, sales and guide team passing on their family's love of wilderness. 

Crafted with a care and attention that can only be developed through years of experience our selection of canoe, raft and kayak trips are accessible to people of just about all ages and abilities. 



Nahanni Wilderness Adventures is the only Nahanni River company where the outfitter is on location throughout the season. This level of program supervision and guide support provides our operation the highest quality of service and experience for your adventure holiday.

Each season begins with our Guide Training School for new and returning river guides. 2015 saw the NWA team back on the Kootenay and White rivers during the challenging spring run off for our 23rd annual guide school. Safety and risk management have long been the corner stone of our guide schools. This is accompanied by skill development and the review of our many special systems, the ingredients of a successful outfitting program.

Attention to detail has been our longstanding priority. Evidence of this is our Nahanni River Outfitting Centre built on the Liard Trail a short distance from Blackstone Territorial Park and Lindberg Landing. This comprehensive base of operations was built to support our guides and care for our boats and equipment. The facility includes a Guide's cabin for sleeping and a lounge/kitchen. Separate buildings provide for equipment storage and packing, equipment drying and food packing. The effectiveness of our operations base ensures that you have a trouble free adventure holiday.