Fishing on Your Expedition

There is an innate connection between traveling pristine water ways and catching fish. Nahanni Wild is happy to accommodate those who wish to fish on our expeditions and we celebrate this true wilderness experience.

Nahanni Wild Guide and Outfitter David Hibbard and a beautiful Arctic Char

Nahanni Wild Guide and Outfitter David Hibbard and a beautiful Arctic Char

Things to know:

David, Joel and Luke are all avid fishermen and have shared their decades of knowledge on fishing holes, effective lures and flies and technique with our guide team. Feel free to ask questions before a trip regarding anything from gear selection to licensing requirements. If we don’t know we will happily find the answer for you.


A light packable rod is key. Not only will it take up less space, rods that pack down are easier to protect over the course of an expedition. 

For the Nahanni, Keel and Mountain River's a spinning rod with 5 lb. test line or a 5 weight fly rod is just the ticket! For river's with a char run, 15 lb. test spinning gear is recommended or an eight weight fly set-up. 

A variety of lures and flies is always recommended but spoons, panther martins, bucktails, muddlers and wooly-buggers are the foundation of our tackle boxes. Barbless hooks are required. 

While a full fishing vest might take up more space that you like a pocket sized tackle-box and a pair of forecepts are worth packing. 


To fish in Nahanni National Park requires both a NWT fishing licence and a license issued by Nahanni National Park reserve both of which are available before your trip begin in Fort Simpson.

For expeditions on the Mountain, Keele and Coppermine River’s all that is required is a territorial fishing licsence that can be purchased at the start of your trip.

On the Nahanni a little knowledge goes a long way! With numerous clear creeks and access to several deep lakes the keen angler has the chance to land grayling, dolly varden and lake trout in different parts of the watershed.

Experience counts on the Nahanni, especially when looking to land a lake trout.

Experience counts on the Nahanni, especially when looking to land a lake trout.

The Mountain and Keele rivers also both offer some fantastic opportunities to fish where clear tributaries enter the river and your guides will do their very best to ensure that those that are interested have the chance to indulge!

While retaining a fish to add to a meal is a possibility we advocate for catch and release to allow these slow growing fish to continue to add to the population and ensure the pristine nature of these waters is maintained. However, if you do wish to keep your catch your guides are happy and able to help in the preparation and will make this special experience one to remember.

Our Barren lands trips can align with exciting arctic char runs offering incredible fishing and the chance to sample and revel in “country food.” Long a staple of First Nations diet this incredible salmonoid is as exciting to catch as it is delicious. If you would like more information about char fishing opportunities please view our Coppermine Expeditions here.