The Original Nahanni River Outfitter

Our history of river outfitting on the South Nahanni River dates back to 1962 when founder and pioneering outfitter Don Turner began outfitting and guiding river trips by scow up into the Nahanni's canyons from his family's homestead at Nahanni Butte. Don is the son of Nahanni legend and author Dick Turner who came to the Nahanni Region in the 1930's. In 1964 Don's company became incorporated as Nahanni Butte Outfitters.

In 1973 Don sold NBO to Greg and Fay Williams of Nanton, Alberta. Later the William's sold a branch of NBO, Nahanni Wilderness Adventures to David and Wendy Hibbard in 1992. David had been outfitting and guiding for the Williams since 1989.

Since that time David has become the Nahanni's most active outfitter on the river with over 70 descents including the Little Nahanni, the Flat River and Prairie Creek.

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